Top Tips to Amp Up Your

Brand Activation Game

from TED’s Chief Program + Strategy Officer, Monique Ruff-Bell

Brand activations at conferences and events have emerged as important drivers of ROI for brands seeking to maximize their investment. These activations serve as vital platforms for engaging attendees, amplifying brand visibility, and fostering meaningful interactions that pave the way for increased sales, heightened brand loyalty, and enduring customer relationships. 

But what makes a brand activation truly kick-ass? Well it all boils down to two things: engagement, and alignment with brand objectives.

Engagement is truly the name of the game!

Work to captivate attendees on a whole new level, creating those 'wow' moments that stick with them long after the event is over. It's all about forging genuine connections and leaving lasting impressions that turn heads, captivate minds, and swell hearts.


And let's not forget alignment with brand objectives. Every element of your activation should be laser-focused on supporting your brand's goals, whether it's boosting awareness, capturing leads, or driving those needed sales. When everything clicks into place, that's when the magic truly happens.


Here are some clear tips and tactics to turbocharge your ROI and take your brand activation from forgettable to mind-blowing:


Create unboring

interactive experiences.

Say goodbye to snooze-worthy activations and hello to interactive experiences that’ll knock attendees off their feet! Think VR adventures, multimedia extravaganzas, and gamified fun that’ll have everyone enjoying their time in your space and buzzing with excitement.


Craft a brand story

that connects.

It’s time to figure out ways to unleash your inner storyteller; “Welcome to my TED Talk”, anyone? Craft a brand narrative that speaks to attendees’ hearts and minds, weaving in visuals, sensory delights, and real-life case studies that’ll leave ’em wanting to know more of your story.


Roll out the red

carpet for VIPs.

Give your top-tier guests the VIP treatment – offer exclusive behind-the-scenes access, private tours, or meet-and-greet opportunities that’ll have them singing your brand’s praises.


Create Insta-worthy moments

Design your activation with social media in mind, sprinkling in photo ops and interactive elements that are shareable. Trust that when attendees start snapping and sharing, your brand’s reach will go beyond the event walls.


Team up with influencers.

If you want to supercharge your brand’s visibility, try teaming up with influencers or industry experts who’ll help spread the word far and wide. Whether they’re hosting discussions, co-creating content with you, or just lending their star power, influencers can take your activation to the next level.

With these game-changing strategies in your toolkit, you’ll be well on your way to creating brand activations that not only turn heads but also drive real results.

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Monique Ruff-Bell

Chief Program + Strategy Officer, TED

As Chief Program & Strategy Officer for TED, she oversees TED’s flagship global events and conferences, TEDx programs and initiatives, global partnership sales and key marketing verticals for the organization. She plays a vital role in shaping and executing TED’s strategic plan, contributing to the advancement of its mission, operational excellence, and overall organizational growth.

Monique is also a public speaker, podcast host and mentor based out of the New York City Metro Area in which her speaking engagements include strategy and business development for organizational growth, career sponsor and mentorship, and ways to become a successful leader.

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